Room Selini

the largest and most spacious room

Selini (Moon) for the ancient Greeks was the mysterious, sweet and charming goddess of the moon, the night and the months. She was sister of Helios and Eos (Dawn). She had white, shiny silver face and long hair. She was driving her chariot at night, and at full moon she would bathe in the ocean. She was worshiped throughout Greece (from Arcadia to the land of the Amazons) and was the symbol of purity. She has been worshiped as a goddess by numerous civilizations across the world.

On the second floor of the pension Messini you can find the largest and most spacious room we have. The lift will give you easy, private access directly to the room! With its two large balconies, you will be given the opportunity to relax, drink your coffee or even sunbathe(!) there all through the day. Keeping a big part of the 19th century architecture of the old city of Nafplio, combined with the comfort it provides, this room is the ideal choice for a unique, memorable experience!

All our rooms have: TV, telephone, heating and air conditioning, wireless Internet, hairdryer, mini refrigerator, soundproofing and double glazing, electronic locks, toiletries.


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the largest and most spacious room , pension Nafplio

spacious room, pension Nafplio

two large balconies, pension Nafplio

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