Room Galini

The quietest room of our pension

Galini (Serenity), according to Hesiod, was one of the Nereids, the ancient goddesses of calm sea. They were daughters of Nereus and Doris and granddaughters Ocean. They were adored for their beauty and grace and accompanied the chariots of marine gods. They attracted men and entered their homes during the night, according to mythology. Pausanias writes about the existence of a statue of the goddess in the temple of Poseidon at Corinth, right next to that of the Sea goddess.

The quietest room of our pension promises to offer you carelessness and peace of mind. It is situated on the first floor and is the closest one to the elevator. Its easy access, comfort and warm colors make it the ideal choice for an escape from everyday life and for true relaxation. It is bright thanks to its large east-looking window, and it keeps the old, neoclassic features of the building while offering a fresh look.

All our rooms have: TV, telephone, heating and air conditioning, wireless Internet, hairdryer, mini refrigerator, soundproofing and double glazing, electronic locks, toiletries.


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The quietest room of our pension

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